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    Market Pulse for Sellers

    Because You Always Want To Know What The Neighbor’s Home Sold For… 

    Here at The Price Group at Keller Williams, we are passionately committed to being your ultimate real estate resource. That means that we are constantly keeping you armed with amazing information that empowers you to make the best decisions possible in regards to your real estate goals.

    A fantastic tool that we offer to all of our clients (whether you’re a future seller or you just want to monitor your home’s equity during your home ownership!) is The Price Group Market Pulse, and here’s how it works – click here to complete the information, based upon your current property.  The Price Group will provide you with your personal Market Pulse, looking at homes that are similar to your current property so that you can keep your eye on the market, therefore, keeping your eye on how the market trends affect your equity!

    In keeping our promise to be you Local Real Estate Expert of Choice, through your Market Pulse, we will continue keep an eye on the current housing market, so that we can monitor how it affect’s your property’s equity! We’ll keep you posted on what we find through sending you an alert via email when a property that is similiar to your property (or a property in your neighborhood area) goes on market (it’s for sale!) or closes (it sold!) in the future!

    This way, if you elect to sell down the road, together we are ready to go with having a record of great market trend data on your property’s value! Or, if you’re there to stay and ever want to refinance or explore a Home Equity Line of Credit, you’ve got access to great data for that as well!

    With your property likely being one of  your biggest determinants of wealth, you deserve to be “in the know” by knowing how the market is behaving, and how the market trends impact you!  Be sure to connect to your Market Pulse now, by spending a moment here!

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