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Turtles, Seahorses, Octopus– Oh My!

In the age of information, there has been a bright light shine on captive animals & the companies that hold them. While planning things to do on the weekend or over vacation, the desire to see sea creatures can be overwhelming, but guilt eats at the back of the mind. Sea Life has taken that into consideration, and makes a point to indicate all of the ways their aquariums are different.

Most of the creatures featured at Sea Life are on the endangered list, have been rescued, and cannot be released into the wild, or have been born and bred as part of the conservation project. Their creed, Breed, Rescue, Protect, allows the aquarium to take action to educate the public and protect the wild. Their aquariums rescues injured and sick creatures, brings them back to health, and releases them back into the wild.

Sea Life and their partner charity, Sea Life Trust, have campaigns covering everything from plastic pollution prevention & cleanup, coral propagation (a vitally important study for the health of oceans), and combating overfishing. With eight locations in the United States, over 30 in Europe, three locations in Asia, and five in Australia & New Zealand, Sea Life has the potential to make drastic, measurable change in the health of our oceans.

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360 Tunnel at Sea Life Orlando!

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